New Works
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Pleased To Meet You
Tangled Up In Blue
Into This World We're Thrown
Touch Me
I Shall Be Released
Sexy Sadie
Working Class Hero
I Am The Eggman
Roxanne on Purple Haze
Nice Day to Start Again
Drowning Man
Bitter Contemplation
Bitter Desire
Bitter View
Boreal Lust
Face Value
Fatal Vision
Just Peachy
Esoteric Journey
Just Another Face in the Crowd
Veiled Guise
Psychotic Dilema
Tuscan Bliss I
Tuscan Bliss II
Into the Abyss
Inside Looking Out
Sounds of the Quarter
Cold Hearted Orb
Caged Desire

Artist Bio

Break On Through
The Eve of Destruction
The More We Touch, The More We Destroy
Paranoia's Infectious Gaze
High Noon in Jackson Square
A Drop in the Bucket
Weathered Riff
Bone on the Square
Face It
Curbed Bone
Lower 9th in 3/4
Cheap Sunglasses