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All of the works displayed on this site, as well as many other unpublished
works, are available for purchase in various sizes and formats, including
stretched and mounted, giclee canvas prints.
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                         James Mlaker Biography

My works are rooted in the union of photography, digital photography and computer
graphics. They are constructed using multiple layers and masks; where the artistic
construction process is also a reflection of individual and collective human psyches
which are mired in infinitesimal layers and masks, where some co-exist in symbiotic and
harmonious relationships, while others co-exist in conflicting and opposing
relationships. The underlying themes of my creations are rooted in an exploration of the
existential nature of the concept of Johari's Window, which is the relationship of the
hidden expressed known and unknown selves with the perceived known and unknown
selves, expressed through social, political, spiritual, environmental, philosophical
and/or psychological themes.

My creations tend to flow out of a strange combination of my life experiences,
educational background (BA Psychology and MS Professional Counseling) and my
intuitive nature. I find that everything I perceive serves to pique my interest and
subsequently results capturing subtle, sometimes unusual, and highly fascinating
everyday images in alternative perspectives. I am influenced by the works of Dali,
Kahlo, Pollock, Escher, Picasso and Olbinski.

I am a juried member of Artspace 2000. I have been thrice invited to participate in the
Biennale  Internazionale dell'Arte Contemporanea (2005, 2007 and 2009) in Florence,
Italy. My past exhibitions include the New York Art Festival, the DLG Gallery
(Chicago, IL), MIAD Venado Tuerto 2006 Exhibition (Argentina), the Los Angeles
Center for Digital Art Snap to Grid exhibition, the Art Bar (Milwaukee, WI), Sven's
Café (Milwaukee, WI), and 4Art Inc Gallery (Chicago, IL). I have also participated in
many juried art shows including the Waukesha West End Artists Art Crawl (Waukesha,
WI), the North Beach Oasis Annual Art Festival (Racine, WI), the Milwaukee Public
Market Art Fair (Milwaukee, WI), Bay View Bash (Milwaukee, WI), Gallery Night
(Milwaukee's Third Ward) and the South Shore Water Frolics Art Festival
(Milwaukee, WI).  I was the featured new artist in the Digital Abstract website for the
month of April 2005, I received a third place award ("Lost in Song" - Spirit and
Creative Force) in the 2005 Artists Helping Artists & Creative Line Magazine Call to
Arts International Juried Art Competition (Cal Poly Downtown Center, Pomona, CA,
June 25, 2005) and I received a second place award in the Mosaic Globe's 2007 Creative
Community Competition. I have designed original, personalized commission pieces
marketed through
CAZ Designs Inc. Interior Design (Orange County, California). I am
currently exhibiting at
Purloin Studio (Menomonee Falls, WI).  
My online exhibitions include:

Mosaic Globe ( )

Gallery Now (

Arthby's Gallery (

DigitalArt.Org (

Digital Abstract (
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